Welcome to Oximet s.r.l. (Modena - Italy)

Oximet Srl was founded in 1986 in Sassuolo (Modena, Italy), at the time the main World Production Area for Ceramic Tiles and relevant Colours.

Oximet is a major world supplier in Tin Oxide (Stannic - SnO2). 

Oximet has always operated to ensure products and service that meet the specific needs of each company. This is made possible by production flexibility and continuous product innovation, developed in close collaboration with the client's R&D functions.

Tin dioxide, also known by the systematic name tin(IV) oxide and stannic oxide in the older notation, is the inorganic compound with the formula SnO2. The mineral form of SnO2 is called cassiterite, and this is the main ore of tin. With many other names, this oxide of tin is the most important raw material in tin chemistry. This colourless, diamagnetic solid is amphoteric.

IUPAC name: Tin dioxide
Other names: Stannic oxide, Tin(IV) oxide, Flowers of tin, Cassiterite

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